About Us

What is SecurityReviews.com?

With the advent of mass produced electronics, just about anyone can peddle an alarm system and call themselves a qualified Home Security service provider.  SecurityReviews.com was created to help combat this trend.  We help real people find real Home Security solutions – not just money hungry resellers.

Our goal is to help keep your family safe, by providing quality information. And our process is simple:  We focus on the facts.

What makes SecurityReviews.com different?

Like an unsecured home, the internet itself can be a dangerous place.  Anyone can publish anything and pawn it off as the truth, and you’ve got to be careful about who you let yourself believe.

That’s why at SecurityReviews.com, we focus on the facts.  All of our reviews are written by researched and educated professionals, who know the industry and who know what works.  Every service provider that we review is compared to the same set of standards, and only the very finest make our Top 10 cut.

Our hope is that with our help, readers across the world can find high quality Home Security solutions that give them exactly what they need and help them to keep their home and family secure.

How does SecurityReviews.com work?

  • Step 1: Employ experts.
  • Step 2: Establish standards.
  • Step 3: Provide fact-based information to readers who want the truth.

At SecurityReviews.com, we take your safety seriously.  The ugly truth about the Home Security industry is that there are a lot of providers and supposed experts who make their money by playing on fear.

We don’t like that very much, and we know you didn’t come here to get scared.  We know that if you’re already taking the time to research a Home Security solution, you don’t need to be convinced.  You want to protect your family and your home, and you want good information to help you get this done.

When our experts review a new company, they compare it to years of experience and a few simple standards.  We focus on the important things, like Functionality and Customer Service, but we also take into account Value, Ethical Business Practices, and Industry Repute.

In the end, our reviews turn out to be well-made tools that we hope you will use to help you make the right decision.

Our Mission: To inform

You want to protect what you love, and you want to do it right.  You’ve made up your mind to invest in a quality Home Security system, and now you’ve got to make a decision.  You don’t want to just rush into things, because most providers require lengthy contracts, which means you’ll be stuck with what you pick for the next two to three years.

You could spend hours researching your selection, but with work and everything else in life you simply don’t have the time.

…We get it, and that’s why we’re here.  To inform.

Educated people make better decisions, and informed consumers are much more likely to get what they want.  When your end goal is your family’s security, the stakes are high – as is the financial investment.

Our mission is to help you decide, by providing factual information.  Our hope is that you’ll take our approach of objectivity and apply it to everything you do in life.